Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well it's easy to say that now! But unfortunately a couple of months ago, I wouldn't have been so upbeat and dismissive of this terrible skin condition.

Like many others, my little bub suffered terrible eczema for the first 6 months or so of his life and it really was difficult to deal with. His skin was constantly dry, he was terribly itchy, oh.. and the scratching! The scratching was a nightmare. I hardly ever got to see my little boys hands, as we had to cover them with mittens 24/7 so that he wouldn't break the skin. He'd always somehow manage to get them off, have a great scratch at his itchy skin and make himself bleed. The whole  thing was driving me mad and although bubs was very brave, I knew it upset him too. I tried countless potions and lotions, but to no avail. The doctors would only prescribe steroid creams, which in my mind were a last resort and didn't get to the bottom of the issue....

My poor little eczema-ridden boy :(

Eventually we discovered his eczema was because of a milk protein allergy, and as soon as that was identified and eliminated, his skin improved significantly. However even now he is still prone to the occasional break out. After battling through so many routines trying to 'cure him', I have now got what seems to be a fail-proof system worked out for him, and his skin has never been softer, smoother or more beautiful. So I thought I'd share it with you!

My beautiful eczema-free, clear, soft-skinned and HAPPY boy :)

1. Bath every day! (this went against what I'd been told originally, to avoid bathing often as it dried out the skin). But apparently not! If you give your bub a bath every day the bacteria which irritates the skin and can cause it to be infected is washed away, so you have less chance the eczema will become worse. Don't use any soaps or shampoos though as these will only aggrevate the problem.

2. The only exception to the bathe every day rule is.... You must use a bath oil in the water! I use QV Bath Oil which kind of clings to bubs skin and acts as a bit of a barrier to the drying effects of the water.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! And halleluiah, I found a product that works! The Royal Childrens Hospital even recommend it.. it's called Cetaphil Restoraderm. The best cream I've used thus far (and trust me I've used A LOT!). Moisturise after each bath, and top it up at each nappy change.

4. Try not to overheat bubs with too many clothes and bedding. Don't dress in singlets unless necessary etc.

5. For the occasional breakout, use a prescription cream if you have one, but keep it to a minimum.

6. Use natural fabric when it comes to things in contact with your baby - clothes, bedding etc. Cotton is ideal. It is breathable and will not irritate sensitive skin. That's the reason I only use 100% cotton fabric in all of my handmade toys.

I know what its like to see your baby suffering from eczema and feeling helpless when nothing you seem to do helps... and I also know the joys of finally having a baby free of nasty, itchy and painful skin. I can only hope that these tried and tested tips help you too!

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