Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ready, Set.. Blog!

Wow. Ok, so this is my first post. I always think the first post of any blog should be bold and articulated, setting the pace for the rest of the posts to come. But for some reason, just the idea of writing a momentous post is a little daunting, and immediately I get writers block. So... I'm going to have to stick with whatever comes to mind first, and set that kind of a standard for future posts. Nice and casual. Just hope you're ok with that :)

So, anyway... being the first post on this brand new blog for Willow and Elm I thought I'd celebrate by having a huge introductory sale in my etsy store. For a limited time, I have 50% off all designs! Half the usual price. No, I haven't gone mad! I simply wanna introduce willow and elm to the etsy community and hence, offering a bargain price to get my name out there! If you're in the market for personalised invitations at the moment, whether that be for a kids birthday, baby shower, engagement or bucks night - you'd be silly not to take advantage of this sale!

I also thought I'd share with the excitement of my first print ad. I've popped a classified ad in the brand new soon to be released crafty zine called *bespoke*. It may only be a little ad (see pic below) but its a big step for my little shop, being the first kind of advertisment in any magazine, so I'm very excited and can't wait to see the magazine. I've preordered my copy here, you can too!

Ooh, seems I've managed to write a fair bit without really trying, so at the risk of waffling on too long, I'll end it there. Thank you for visiting and reading my first post! I'd love to get some new followers so please add yourself before you head off.. and stop by my facebook page too! xoxo

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